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National Indigenous Tharu Museum :Chakhaura Dang

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Deu to modernization and lack of ownership of tharu's community themselves traditional culture and tharu religious activities are getting disappear day by day.
 Tharu People are using and practicing modern equipment and modern lifestyles that's why ancient tharu culture,  tharu equipment and even tharu language is in about to replace by modern culture. 
To Protect the tharu ancient culture, This mesuem has been built. 
In this mesuem here are all the Tools, culture foods, tharu cultural dress and ornament and other religious things are collected and managed properly. 
National Indigenous Tharu Museum aim is to protect history of tharu people and their culture.

National Indigenous Tharu Museum is also one if most tourism aspect. Daily hundreds of people visit mesuem and numbers of visitor is increasing day to day. 
Guest are form of the Gods, To the visitor then mesuem association also provide tharu local and traditional food. 
Some local  and Traditional food of Tharu people are represented below as image:

Some Glimpse of mesuem are:

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Please visit once:> National Indigenous Tharu mesuem : Chakhaura Dang


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