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What is Visit Nepal 2020 ? Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign

Basically, Visit Nepal 2020 is tourism Campaign run by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) to attract more tourist from the global roof. As we know that Nepal is 5th most Popular and best place for Tourism, Almost Millions of people visit Nepal yearly from different countries. 
As we know that in 2015 Nepal face a vast Earthquake at that time many roads, heritage, communication services were badly affected by earthquake, Now Nepal upgraded airports services, roads, communication facilities (Tourists can access social networks even in Everest base Camp). Good Accommodation ranging from 5 start to frugal hotels. Restaurants with amazing local food and international food facilities. Availability of  Experience and Expert Tourists guide. 

Things To do in Visit Nepal 2020:

• Observations of Nepal's Nature: 
• World's Heritage 
• Advanture in Trekking and Mountaineering
Nepal Tradition and Culture 
•Spirituality and Pilgrimage