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Trekking in Riding/ Ruru

Destination: Ridi/Ruru 
Highlights:There are two separate temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Ruru Kanya. A four armed stone- image is seen inside the Hrishikeshav Temple.Other places worth visiting are Bhrigutungeshwor Mahadev, cave, Achammeshwor, Ram temple at Rudrabeni etc.Ruru is known as Banaras of Nepal because all the Hindu rituals which are performed on the bank of Ganges in Banaras are also performed hereRidi HydropowerArgali DurbarBest time:The most important festival at Ridi is Maghesankranti, the first day of the Nepali month Magh (mid-January). Thousands of Hindu devotees have a holy dip in the water of Kali Gandaki River. This is also done on every Ekadashi, the eleventh day of the new moon and eclipses. So, these time can be extra special for Ridi/Ruru visit.
There are some hotels and lodges in Ridi Bazzar where you can accommodate, but when you visit during Maghesankranti, you may face difficulty. In such case, you can go to village area and ask for local people for accommodation, many of them will provide accommodation in their house.

To and From Kathmandu :
By Road: There are daily public comfortable vehicles from Kathmandu directed towards Gulmi.
From Bhairahawa / Sunauli:
Jeep are available and it takes 2 /3 hours to reach.

The Ridi Hrishikesha Tirtha falls in between Palpa and Gulmi District situated in the western region of Nepal and known as Shree Muktinath Katti Hrishikesh Tirtha is named after the name of god so addressed at His grace by Ruru, a famous legendary woman devotee who was in a deep penance in devotion of god. 
The Purana says that god was so happy to see Ruru in such devotion that he stood outside her hermitage. She requested him to sit inside and god converted himself into a big and beautiful stone, Hrishikesh Sheela.