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Trekking at Panauti Make people comfortable :

Destination: Panauti 
•Enjoy beauty of elegantly decorated houses, stupas and stone water taps
•Melting pot of Hindu and Buddhist cultureIndreshwor Mahadev temple dedicated to Shiva
•Significant medieval sites holding Buddhist and Hindu religious monuments
•Engross on panuti jatra known as chariot festival, takes places every year on month of jestha.
•Enjoy oldest traditional dance of Nepal named Hari siddhi dance, which initiated 2400 years ago.
•The architecture sculpture showcased on panuti peace gallery still makes trip intoxicating and memorable
Best time:
All around the year
There are several hotels around Panauti. You can also stay in local homes through the Panauti Community Homestay program.
While you’ll find Panauti sharing most Nepali dishes, the town itself is known for its potato farming. So trying the potatoes is a definite must.

Panauti Bus Station lot is centrally located right outside old town Panauti. The town is a commuter town and gains good access to other cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Dhulikhel. If traveling Kathmandu, you can take Ratna Bus Park (Thamel).
Panauti is a town tucked away in the valley, just two hours from Kathmandu and is infamously known by Nepalese as having escaped the two big earthquakes which rocked Nepal. As an ancient city in Nepal, the fact its main monuments did not encounter damage during the earthquakes, is astonishing and many view it as a miracle. Locals claim its unbreakable foundation is due to the fact the town is built upon a rock. But there’s more to Panauti than that– it’s also an ancient Newari town which takes you back in time with its unshakable spirit. 
Panauti is somewhere in-between village and urban, so that travelers can feel removed without a loss of comfortable. It’s a charming mid-sized town surrounded by hilly countryside farms, but also buzzing and lively with Newari culture and children. It’s close enough to Kathmandu where Panauti locals will commute to work or universities; meanwhile, it will attract travelers, who want to experience a peaceful oasis. It dangles between the best of both worlds.