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Tourism Scope in Sarangkot, Nepal

Destination: Sarangkot 
Sarangkot which offers the unimpeded panoramic view of the mountains as well as the Pokhara valley. From the valley it takes two hours walk up the staircase to reach the hilltop of the Sarangkot. From the top of the Sarangkot you can see the beautiful panoramic view of the mountains like Annapurna (8091m.), Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Dhaulagiri (8167m.), Ganesh Himal (7422m.), Manaslu (8156m.) and many more. From there you also observe the beautiful view of the Pokhara valley with all its natural attraction. 
Sarangkot is also famous for the view of sunrise over the Himalayas. From Sarangkot you can also enjoy the adventurous activity of paragliding and zip flying down to the valley. It provides the tremendous experience to the visitor which is unforgettable throughout their life.Best time:The best time to visit Sarangkot is undoubtedly in the morning for the sunrise.
There are some hotels in the Sarangkot for accommodation so that you can be there in the time of late sunset and the time of early sunrise next morning. But you can reach to Pokhara city with no much difficulty.
You'll need to think about the time of year you are going first. If it's peak season then you should have good clear views. But if it's monsoon season, it might be hazy or cloudy. You'll also need to think about bringing appropriate clothing e.g. rain gear (read the weather guide to Nepal for more). You'll also need to think about whether you want to be there at dawn or dusk. Most people say dawn and sunrise gives a better view.
By taxi: 
The most popular way to get to Sarangkot is via a private taxi. Arrange a taxi the evening before and they will pick you up - it takes about 30-40 minutes to drive up depending on the road conditions. They will drop you about 15-20 minutes walk from the top. A taxi will also wait about an hour for you and then return you to your hotel. 

By Motorcycle:
 Either hire your own or hire one with a driver. There are many enterprising young people in Pokhara who can be easily persuaded to take you to Sarangkot. Do be aware that the road is quite broken and you might be riding in the dark. Wearing a helmet would be sensible! 
You can walk/hike/cycle to Sarangkot. It takes about 3-5 hours. The trail leaves from the baglung bus park or you can try the remoter trail from Lake Phewa Tal. For a dawn view it means a very early start or rather a late night start which can be dangerous due to bad paths and a lack of lighting. Likewise if coming back. 
By Tour:
 Finally there's a tour option. These are often run by hotels or agents. It's practically the same as getting a taxi yourself as your guide may not even accompany you to the viewing platform. If this is the case you might just try to round up some people and share a taxi up.
The view of the Annapurna Himalaya from Sarangkot (foreigner/Nepali Rs 50/20) is almost a religious experience. From here, you can see a panoramic sweep of Himalayan peaks, from Dhaulagiri (8167m) in the west to the perfect pyramid of Machhapuchhare (6997m), the tent-like peak of Annapurna II (7937m) to Lamjung (6983m) in the east. Most people come here at dawn or dusk, when the sun picks out the peaks, transforming them from a purple-pink to a celestial gold. If you feel noisy teenagers are ruining the peace at the viewing tower, try walking further along to the secluded grassy helicopter pad. 
The main village is just below the ridge, but a set of steps leads uphill to a dramatic viewpoint, the site of an ancient kot (fort).
There’s a ruined fort at Kaskikot (1788m), a one-hour walk west of Sarangkot along the ridge road, with similarly jaw-dropping views.