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Some most Interesting Places in Salyan District, Nepal

Destination: Salyan.  
Kupinde Lake : Situated 24 km west of Khalanga. The lake is free from any tampering and is truly pure. Locals say that the lake changes its hue three times a year.
Barahdev Temple is located adjacent to the lake. The temple sees visitors twice every year, once during February and the other time April. 
Temple dedicated to Chattareswori devi in Chayachetra : The temple holds great significance for Hindus and is located 19km away from the district headquarter Khalanga. According to the History, it is believed that lord Shiva rested the dead body of his beloved wife Satidevi in this temple. North to the temple, you can see a massive fossil, which is believed to hold the remnants of Satidevi. Locals believe that the fossil holds the entire district of Salyan (it is only visible to the faithful!). 

Khairabang Temple: It is located in Sarada Municipality. The temple can be reached from Khalanga via road. The 27 ropanis of land where the temple is located is relatively organized and holds potential to transform into a major pilgrimage site.

Other attractions:
Sishne HimalSiva TempleDevi TempleHiking, Mountains range viewFarmland And ShrubyRocky Hills At SalyanSharada River ValleyLanti Bazaar
Best time:
October to December and April to February
There are hotels available in more developed areas of the district and small hotels are available in many places. If you reach to the places where you get no hotel, local people will help you to accommodate.
Salayn is situated 235 km northeast from Nepalgunj. You can reach Nepalgunj either by road or air. The city is highly accessible from most parts of Nepal. After reaching Nepalgunj, you will have to take a 7 hour bus ride to Khalanga, district headquarter of Salyan. Kapurkot, the gateway to the district, can be reached via the Rapti highway from Dang’s Tulsipur as well. This highway will further take you to Rukum. Alternatively, you could follow the Bheri river from Surkhet, and reach Salli Bazaar in western Salyan. This route will also take you to Jajarkot.

Salyan, a district which lies in the mid-western part of Nepal, is hardly traveled by visitors looking for a vacation. The district has its own peculiar appeal and the greenery , shrubs growing on the hillside and the dipping sun will soothe you and will put your senses in order. Thought you might get a boring first impression, once you dip into the lives of people residing there, you will realize what it’s truly like to live in Salyan. 
The region is home to many temples and is famous for oranges and ginger. Kapurkot, the gateway to Salyan, has one of the country’s busiest markets from where fresh fruits and vegetables are dispatched to many cities of the country.