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Shey-Phoksundo is claimed to be the deepest of all lakes in Nepal

Destination: Shey-Phoksundo Lake 
•Counting the highlights of Lower Dolpo Trek pulls the concentration of Shey-Phoksundo Lake, circled with forests, rock and snow covered peaks.
• It provides an amazing and sensible understanding experience of lifetime. Observing ancient and far flung villages together with snowy peaks, prosperous wildlife, delightful lakes and Buddhist monasteries all act as an alluring elements.
•You might have sense the toughness in finding the honest people. Here, we are glad to state that this region is occupied by modest and warm-hearted people whose fascinating culture will make you astonished.
• The alike tradition between the native with that Tibetan people will make the trip further exciting.
•Basically the reason behind packaging the trek is to introduce the Isolated Himalayan valley and High valley. 
Lower Dolpo Trek, as the natural concealed wonder will make the trekkers to cross Numala Pass and that Bagala Pass, which are considered as the thought-provoking passes. The journey is complex still you can outlook admirable landscapes of Nilgiri, Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri range and several other mountains. Moving into the trek will make you realize the enchanted trek. Moreover, the survival of native in a beautiful manner despite of difficulty will touch your inner core.
Best time:
October and November are the best months to go trekking to Shey Phoksundo Lake. The rains have stopped, the sky is getting clearer, the climate is temperate with a bracing chill in the air in-short, the weather is beautiful and the views promise to be splendid.
There are some hotels closer to shey phoksundo national park where you can accommodate, you can even go for tent system if you are in large group.
The park is also the pilgrimage site as it has many Gompas many of which are renovated. Among the many the most famous one is Shey Gompa which was built in 11th century. Ringmo village a distinctive Tibetan village is scenically settled in the park. Within the territory of park 9,000 people live; and this is the one of highest human settlement on the earth. We can reach here through Juphal which is linked to Nepalgunj by air. From Juphal the park is half day trek away; for adventure lover the best option can be flying to Jumla and trek for 10 to 12 days and you will be there.

Shey-Phoksundo is claimed to be the deepest of all lakes in the country, but this is not the only reason for its claim to fame. Surrounded by rocky crags and deep forests, Phoksundo’s color is an exotic turquoise blue. The whole scenic set up is by framed by majestic snow-capped Himalayan peaks, and it is a sight that will remain in the memory for a long time to come.
So, what say, shall we go see this turquoise blue lake for ourselves? Well then, first you fly to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu, a one-hour flight. Spend the night at one of the comfortable hotels in this large town, and the next morning, take another flight to Juphal (2,400 m); should take you about 35 minutes to reach there. Take a break, rest a while, before starting the trek to Rupaghat (2,400 m) which is located along a river bank; should take you from four-and-a-half to five hours to reach this place. 
The next two days’ hike, first to Ryalik (2,900 m; 6 h), then to Phoksundo Ringmo (3,500 m; 6 h), takes you through a deep forest full of pine and juniper trees high above the Phoksundo Khola (khola: river) and often going as much downhill as uphill. Sometimes, the ascents will take your breath away, they being pretty steep. By and by you’ll pass a small settlement, Palam, before coming out of the woods and gorge. On the way, you’ll find yourself atop a ridge located at a height of 3,660 m from where you will be able to have a real close-up view of a 330-meter high waterfall that originates from the Suli Gad River. It is said to be the country’s highest waterfall. Stirring sight, what? 

From this ridge, you will also be able to have your first glimpse of the incredible turquoise blue lake, Phkosundo. At the far end of this lake is Ringmo, a charming village full of chortens, mani walls, and a number of small Buddhist and Bonpo monasteries. You’ll have noticed by now that the whole region is deeply influenced by Tibetan culture and lifestyle. It should perhaps be mentioned here that the valley of Dolpo is one of the most isolated places in the country due to its high mountains and snow-covered passes, and a valley that is a virtual preserve of ancient Tibetan culture. This aside, the sight of the Phoksundo Lake up close will surely make you thank your stars for your good fortune in being one of the select few to feast their eyes on this beautiful lake. Click away, you’ll not find a better scene anywhere else.
Spend one of the most memorable nights of your life at Ringmo where you may even have the opportunity, the next morning, of joining the monks at one of the monasteries during their morning prayers. After earning your blessings,, start the return trek down the Phoksundo Khola, first to Arike (2,800 m; 7 h), and then, the following day, to Juphal, from where you take a plane back to Nepalgunj, and onwards to Kathmandu. You’ll probably find this a big letdown, this getting back to the hustle and bustle of urban life, after your week in the wilderness, a week in which you were one with nature at its most beautiful.