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Hetauda, possibilities of Tourism in Hetauda

Destination: Hetauda 
Highlights: Daman tower situated on the region Martyrs' Memorial Park at Hetauda-11 NawalpurPunya Kshetra, Chisapanigdhi Temple Manakamana Temple Makwanpurgadhi and Markhu LakeVisit to Natural woods (Sal, Saj, Asna, and Salla)Herbal ranches
Best time:All around the year
Hetauda, although is a small town, it provides all sorts of facilities to the travelers to make their trip comfortable. There are several hotels and restaurants providing their best for the customers with the local as well as global dish. You can enjoy the service provided by them during your visit to Hetauda. Some of the popular hotels includes Hotel Samana, Hotel Seema, Rapti Hotel, Hotel Lido Inn and so on.Similarly, in Hetauda you can also get the places to stay. Regal Hetauda Resort, Orchid Resort are famous one.
Drive to Naubise from Kathmandu, then take the Tribhuwan Rajpath (Highway), one of Nepal's most terrific soak thruway for review slopes and Himalayan range. Then again take the Mugling-Bharatpur-Hetauda course for a less brave drive! A visit to Terai district is fragmented without going to Hetauda.

Hetauda, the headquarters of Makwanpur district, is an industrial city situated in the central Nepal. It covers an area of about 2426 sq. km and is one of the cleanest cities in Nepal, thanks to its municipal local programs and its people. The use of plastic bags has been banned in the city because of which pollution has been reduced. Also, the main streets are full of green trees parallel to both sides of roads adding up to its elegance. The majority of people residing here are Tamangs, and besides this, other communities like Gurung, tharu, Chhettri, Newar, Magar, Chepang, Rai as well as Brahmins. 

There are various places to visit for a tourist. Some of them being Martyrs’ Memorial Park, commonly called Sahid Smarak, situated about two kilometers east of main Hetauda market in a place called Nawalpur, Hetauda-10. Also, a temple of goddess Manakamana is situated atop a hill in Hetauda and the temple is famous as Sano Manakamana meaning, ‘small Manakamana’. Among the other famous temples is the temple of Mahishasura Mardhini, locally known as Bhutan Devi, and Punya Kshetra Chisapanigadhi temple. Also, the Makwanpurgahi and Markhu Lake is famous tourist attractions in Hetauda along with the Daman tower located in the district. A visit to the natural forests of Sal, Saj, Asna and Salla welcomes the tourists with their greeneries giving them shade from the scorching sun and heat. Not to forget the herbal farms in the area. 

Also the way from Kathmandu to Hetauda is amazing and beautiful with the green mountains and various wonderful stops like Khulekhani Hydropower Project, Triveni Sangam (commonly known as Trikhandi, a popular picnic destination) and also the Chisapanigadhi (Chisapani fort), a historically and culturally significant place. You can take a fifteen minutes flight to Hetauda from Kathmandu or board a jeep at Balkhu. The jeep, popular as Sumo, leaves around every 30 minutes to 1 hour and takes you on a 3-4 hour ride through the alternative route that passes through the famous Dakshinkali temple, beautiful village of Pharping and scenic and wonderful mountains. Someone said it right, ‘it is not the destination that matters but the journey which makes it special’ and a trip to Hetauda make it true.