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Attraction of people at Thamel

Destination: Thamel 
The streets of Thamel are fascinating, though beware of the hash dealers and the violin sellers as they will try to rip you off. Most of the actual tourist draws are outside of the district, this is a good place to set up a home base to see the city from.There are lots of shops selling everything from glass pipes to Tibetan Singing Bowls. Make sure you haggle the price to about 2/3 of the original price, also never state your price first always let the seller ask for a specific amount of money. There are also a few quiet courtyards that you can find if you look that show why this place attracted peace loving hippies 40 years ago. There are also many nightclubs that open at 10PM.This is the shopping Mecca in Nepal. You can buy most of the things you want here. Some favorites are the incense, sold almost everywhere, prayer flags, and Kukri swords. There are also a number of bookstores, outdoor outfitters, and banks in this district.
Best time:
As the day starts fading, Thamel takes on a whole different vibe as its streets glow with the warmth of a multitude of lights and the sound of live music drifts from its bars. So, evening time is best.

There are literally dozens of hotels within Thamel. They vary from first star dives all the way to western style. A budget room with cost you NPR 500 or $5 a night, mid-range will cost around NPR 1500 or $15 a night. Higher end hotels such as the Kathmandu Hyatt can cost up to $150 a night. 
There are numerous restaurants all throughout Thamel. A good rule is that if its busy its probably okay, and if its empty be very aware of the cleanliness of the restaurants. Thamel is known for having better hygiene than other parts of the country. Most hotels will have good restaurants in the same building.
Getting into Thamel is easy as any taxi driver will know exactly where it is. It is about a 20 minute taxi drive from Tribhuvan International Airport or about a 15 minute drive from the city bus station. You can also take the local bus from the station on Tridevi Marg next to Ratna Park.

If you are looking for things to do in Kathmandu and you are still clueless about where to start with, go to Thamel. Thamel has been known to be the heart and soul of chaos in Kathmandu. You will find shops and markets all open from the dusk till down. Thamel is the center where tourists and locals intermingle with each other. Here, you can access all things imaginable, from souvenirs to knockoffs, restaurants to tattoo parlors, and mainly trekking and tour companies.