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Tourism In Karnali , Nepal

Destination: Karnali 
•Awesome white water in combination with gentle float trip
•One of the most remote river trips in Nepal
•Taking out at Bardia National Park, Nepal's largest jungle parkA 7 km gorge - basically one really long rapid!
•Best time:
The very best time to run this river is mid-October through to the end of November, followed by April to June. In October, the river will be high after the monsoon rains making this a wild ride through Himalayan rapids. April will be a little quieter, but great for intermediate paddlers wanting to improve their skills. No matter what time of year you go, the gorges and surroundings will be beautiful and full of wildlife.

It is all about camping on the Karnali river! There are plenty of sandy beaches dotted the whole way down the river for you to camp on. Every day when you arrive, the tents will be set up and camp will be made for the night, and everything will be packed up again at the start of the next day. There will be no electricity or wifi along the route, so solar charges are recommended to keep your camera batteries charged. You can however get mobile signal for the majority of the trip. 
For your meals, you will be pleasantly surprised at the astounding meals your raft guides can rustle up over gas stoves and open fires. All the food and kitchen travels down with the cargo raft. You can expect cooked breakfasts, salads, pastas, Dal Bhat (the local specialty), steaks, lasagna and curries to name a few!
This is one of the more remote river expeditions available in Nepal, which makes getting there all part of the fun! For the budget traveler, it is a 20-hour bus journey from Kathmandu, or the more preferred option is to catch a flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung, where your rafting crew will meet you at the airport. It is then a shorter 5-hour drive to the put in.
The Karnali is Nepal’s longest and largest river which drains most of the far west of Nepal. The Karnali is the perfect expedition for those people who really want to escape civilization. The area of Nepal that the river flows through is Wild and uninhabited. During the trip you will raft through some of the most pristine and unspoiled jungle scenery in Nepal.
The lowland trek combined with some of the most beautiful canyons found in Nepal makes Karnali rafting/kayaking one of the most memorable river trips available in this country and it is often a favorite river trip of guides and rafters alike. There is a wide variety of fauna and flora including dense forests, jungle and also remote villages. 
After monsoon rains the rapids of Karnali river are demanding and huge, though relatively straightforward. As the river flows through some quite narrow canyons the flow of the water increases, as does the frequency of the rapids. In low water the demands on the rafter are more technical, though equally exciting. 
Karnali rafting is an ideal trip for those wanting a more unique experience of Nepal, stunning scenery, great river action and all the benefits of a long river trip in Nepal. It has the added advantage of the take out point being ideally situated for those wishing to visit Bardia National Park. Karnali river is one of the best river in Nepal for fishing!