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Reason behind Sindhuli to Attract native and external tourist

Picture of Sindhuli
Destination: Sindhuli 


  • Rivers: Sunkoshi, Kamala
  • Kashiram Falls
  • Siddababa Temple(Gadhi)
  • Rani Durbar
  • Siddababa Temple(Chayoukot)
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Sindhuli Gadhi,at the peak of a hill of the Mahabharata range, is a historical fort where British Soldiers were defeated by Nepali Soldiers during Anglo-Nepal war
  • Hariharpurgadhi
  • Pouagadhi(Aadh)
  • Very famous for Junar(sweet orange)
  • Balan Dance has its origin at Sindhuli

Best time:

October to December, February to April


There are many hotels, lodges and restaurants in Sindhuli including Hotel Vishuwa, Motel Avocado & Orchid Resort, Amrapali Bar and Family , Garuda Lodge, Hotel Shubh Laxmi, etc.


  • Roadways: 81kms from Kathmandu on BP Highway
  • Airway: Rumjatar Airport(56kms) connected regularly to Kathmandu


Among the major forts in Nepal, Sindhuli gadhi fort, which is located at the peak of a hill of the Mahabharata range, stands out as the one with huge historic significance. Located in the geographically and naturally diverse district of Sindhuli, Sindhuli gadhi is the place where British soldiers experienced their first defeat in Asia in the year 1767 A.D. 

The Gurkhas (army of King Prithivi Narayan Shah) with traditional weapons, fought bravely with British forces which was led by Captian Kinloch and eventually defeated them. It is said that the British ran for their lives leaving behind the advanced weaponry they brought together with them. Some of these weapons can still be found in the fort. 

The Sindhuli gadhi fort tour is very rewarding for those with great interest in history. The trip will also allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature, short hike to Junar (citrus fruit) farms, and fantastic drive through amazingly built BP highway. Blaze mountain adventure, a premium travel service provider will deploy cheerful professional guides to assist you during this fabulous trip. Contact Blaze mountain adventure now to book yourself a wonderful trip to this historically significant site.

Some Photo Clips of Sindhuli