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(RaRa Lake) Trekking in Rara Lake offers the best scenery

Destination: Rara Lake 


  • The lake itself serene and beautiful surrounded by numerous wild colorful flowers
  • The trail that chases the final stage of world’s one of the longest trekking trail- Great Himalayan Trail
  • The trek hosted by native, crew members comprising native guides, cooks and porters- the opportunity to know about the place from the mouths of natives
  • Isolated Yari Valley
  • Properly tailored day to day activity so that trekkers have enough time to acclimatize properly

Best time:

February to May & Sep to December


Mountain lodge( Tea-house ) in trekking.


To Rara you can go through Road or by air. 
By Air
You can reach to Nepalgunj by Air from Kathmandu. Nepalgunj to talcha Airport it is regular ie. daily (May not if weather is not supportive).
By Bus:
You can Reach to Nepalgunj (Banke) or Birendranagar (Surkhet) From Kathmandu, Pokhara and other major cities of Nepal by bus. From there you can proceed your trip to Rara Lake. From Nepalgunj or from Birendranagar you can choose means of roadways to Sinja (If you want to trek a day long to Rara from there) OR, Gumgadi (district headquarter of Mugu) you need to walk around 2:30 or 3 hrs. If you take way through Sinja you would have additional entertainment of trekking. The roads are narrow and the travel is experienciable fixed with feeling of beauty of nature and threatening ways above mountain and Karnali river alongside.


Trekking in Rara Lake offers the best scenery on the north-western most side of Nepal. Within its confines lie the Rara national park, the smallest park in Nepal, where in turn the country's largest lake, the Rara Lake can be found (10.8 sq. km. At 2,990 meters). Considered one of the finest parks in the world, Rara National Park abounds in coniferous forest and is the ideal habitat for the musk deer, Himalayan black bear and other faunae. The Danfe (Impeyan Pheasant) the national bird of Nepal, flies above while a variety of fish, the snow trout, inhabit the Rara lake. Adding charm to the region are its generally open-hearted and friendly people. The trek can begin in Jumla (over an hours flight from Kathmandu) or from the nearer Nepalgunj. 

Rara is a good destination point for trekking in the west. The trail is very much "off the beaten path" and affords glimpses of culture and scenery very different from those in the rest of the country. The centerpiece of the park is the biggest lake of Nepal. Along mountain paths and a series of picturesque villages, one reaches the magnificent banks of Rara lake. The park includes Trans- Himalayan valley with high ridges covered with forest and alpine pastures.

Some Photos of Rara Lake: