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(Pulchowki) Phulchowki is the major hill station in the Kathmandu valley.

Destination: Phulchoki 


  • Godavari Botanical Garden covering more than 82 hectares of land
  • Sacred pond -”Panch Dhara” in Godavari
  • 360-degree views of the Kathmandu Valley from Phulchoki (Highest hill surrounding the valley)
  • Phulchoki Telecommunication tower

Best time:

Any time of the year


1 day


For hiking, it will be better to reach Godavari in any sort of vehicle including public vehicle and walk from Godavari-Phulchoki and back from Phulchoki-Godavari. But if you still want to travel by vehicle, you can take jeep but there is no facility of public vehicle facility Godavari onwards.


Phulchowki is the major hill station in the Kathmandu valley. Which is located 20km south-east of Kathmandu. Before getting Phulchowki on the way comes to the Godavari Gardens. Phulchowki and Godavari jungle are famous for different kinds of flower and birds.Godavari is the starting point of the Phulchowki hill station, which is an elevation of 2758m. Hiking up to Phulchowki hill station surrounded by the dense jungle. Who can site good-looking birds and traverse small natural streams. After the exciting hour trek, getting the amazing vantage point is the best part, where a clear day will pleasure you with close up view of the entire range of snowy mountains.