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(KNP) Khaptad National Park

Destination: Khaptad National Park 


  • Open pasturelands
  • Khaptad Daha (In the months of Aug-Sept., Pornima (fullmoon) festival is celebrated in this lake)
  • Saipal Himal ranges
  • Khaptad Baba Ashram
  • Sahashra linga
  • Ganesh temple
  • Nagdhunga
  • Kedardhunga

Best time:

The Khaptad page suggests the best time to visit the Park to be October/November and March-May. From December to March, it snows heavy in the Khaptad making travel impossible. Since being a plateau, the snow is retained for much longer time upto late March.You can contact Khaptad headquarter for current weather update and condition.


On the way to the National Park you can find hotels and lodges in Dipayal and Silgadhi. 

In Jigrana village there is a guesthouse run by local family. The guesthouse has 3 rooms and can accommodate 6 persons at once. The rate is NPR500/person. In the National Park itself there are guest houses and the army barrack which looks after the National park, also offer accommodation and food, but it’s good to have camping gear and food with you to be on the safer side.


One can reach Chainpur (District headquarter of Bajang ) by bus directly from Kathmandu, Nepalgunj or you can reach Dhangadhi by air and reach Chainpur by bus to make the journey easier.

From Chainpur, you need to travel 32 km to Lamatol passing Taamel by available local transport. You can stay at Lamatol in local homestays and start the trekking to Khaptad area from here. 

It will take 9 hours walk to reach Khaptad area from Lamatol. You will pass through Jhare gaon, Dauu Gaon, Mailtadi (villages) in your journey before reaching Khaptad area. 

It is now so easy to stay in Khaptad Area. Khaptad Development Committee could accommodate some 32 visitors daily. They have four dharmalasalas (like rest homes) here for accommodation. You can manage your own tent but it’s too cold. 

It is recommended to stay at Khaptad area for minimum two nights although it requires five days to visit all the places around this area. 

Different route to return back 

We recommend you to travel back using a different route through Doti district. After four hours hike, you can reach to Bichpani and take food there. From Bichpan, you reach Jhingrana in four hours. From Jhingrana travel to Silgadi by road transportation and take a rest overnight there. And from Silgadi you will get bus to Dhangadhi.


The Khaptad National Park is one of the non-touristic national parks in Nepal that is visited by very few numbers of tourists. Besides its natural diversities, the Khaptad National Park is very famous religious place as it is the domicile of Hindu guru “Khaptad Swami” or “Khaptad Baba”, a renounced hermit. Khaptad Baba lived here for many years and found out many medicinal herbal plants. He meditated in Khaptad area for long time and reserved five km area for the meditation and tranquility. 

Khaptad is a beautiful trekking and research place for the humankind. The Natural Beauty of this region and tranquility gives us profound way of thinking of innovation ideas. If you are really bored from mundane life and want to live new world, then this can be your destination. Khaptad offers treks that ranges from short easy hikes to strenuous ones, religious sightseeing with its several sacred sites, quiet rejuvenation in its pristine surroundings and the rich cultural experience of far west Nepal. 

Khaptad Lake and wonderful view of Api and Saipal Himal range are of special interest for the tourists. Butchering, alcohol and tobacco are forbidden in his area. Khaptad is the beauty of Nepal. Even though this is a national park but it is more than that. It is one of the pacified place, situated at the far western region of Nepal and 446 km air distance from the Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal) and more near from Nainital India (around 150 Km air distance). The main area of Khaptad is situated at the corona of four districts (Bajhang, Bajura, Doti and Accham). However anyone can visit this place by chartering private helicopters or by trekking. For wonderful snaps trekking is the best.