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Tourism in Dharpani Pandabeshwor Mahadev Temple, Dharpani Dang

The trident, made of five minerals, was installed on October 29 with an objective of developing the Pandabeshwor Mahadev Temple, Dharpani, into a tourism site and to make known the place as a religious site in the world.
The trident was made with the support of different individuals and organisations at a cost of Rs 2.2 million
The world’s largest Trishul installed at Ghorai’s Pandeshwor Mandir has been attracting tourists in droves. The trident, weighing 81 quintal and 13 kilos, was inaugurated on December 14, 2014.
The Trishul is by far the largest and heaviest in the world, according to Ganesh Adhikari, chairperson of Pandeshwor Temple Management Trust (PTMT). Previously, the Trishul of India’s Pidaraud Temple weighing 27 quintals, was considered the heaviest.
Designed by Indian stone carvers, the Trishul was built at a cost of Rs 2.2 million, according to PTMT. “Since the inauguration of the world’s largest Trishul, more than 200 tourists visit the temple on a daily basis,” said Adhikari.
Previously, only locals visited the temple, that too only during festivals like Shivaratri, but today, thanks to the Trishul, both domestic and international tourists visit the temple.
The temple has now turned into a pilgrimage site for many devotees. Keeping this in mind, a separate pilgrimage house has been built on the temple premises.
This Dharmasala primarily serves as a rest-stop for tourists from across the country as well as those from a number of states in India. “Prominent personalities, including the former president, chief justice, police chief and ministers, have already visited the Trishul as well as the temple,” said Adhikari.
The temple having both religious and aesthetic significance is located at the base of the Chure range. To further the natural beauty of the temple and to improve the scenery of the area, PTMT has planted 108 seedlings of Bar and Peepal trees around the temple.
The modernization and Modification of this religious place is still active. Alots of changes and other attractive things are modified and large number of native and external tourists are increasing day by day. 

History Of Dharpanii

The historical background of Pandaveshwar Shiva Temple has been associated with Pauranic period. Various myths associated to the origin of this religious place can be found from the local. According to one of the myths, in Dwapara
Yuga, lord Krishna having relieving the world of the evils the Pandavas along with Draupadi were on the way to Uttarapanth (Northern Part) had meditated and worshipped Lord Shiva at this place. Thus, the name of this place is Pandaveshwar derived from Pandavas (Sharma, 2063:100). It has not been so long since the place has been discovered. According to the locals there used to be dense forest just 150 years ago. Once the indigenous Tharu people were in the jungle for collecting firewood for their great festival ‘Maghi’ a Tharu person cut a Saaj tree for the whole day but it didn’t fall down. He then went for the second day but the cut off mark on the tree had disappeared. He was astonished thinking that there must have some sort of sprit. 
He gathered together the other villagers and while searching under the tree leaves they found Paadpeeth, Shivalinga, footmark of Nandi, eyes of tiger on stone, Bishnu Paduka and Jalakund on a single stone. The spread the news of the finding of the Saaj tree and Shivalinga as well as other religious objects around the village. One day, Man Bahadur Chaudhary, a local of Guruwagaun found unconscious at Chisapani while he was collecting the firewood along with other fellows. On the next day he became alright only after the villagers get him bathed in Babai (sarayu) river and offered the holy water to the to the Shivalinga under the saj tree. While protecting the area they were fencing the place by a wall the saj tree slowly slides away from the wall. Now the tree is tilted towards south.

            Every year a huge fairn gets organized at this temple. Akshaya Tritiya, Janai Purnima, Balachaturdashi the pilgrims are crowded. Different religious-cultural events are organized here like marriage, Vratabandh, Rudree, Lakshavartika etc. The local as well as national visitors visit this place. Pilgrims from India visit this place.

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