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Tourism in Purandhara Dang District Nepal

Purandhara is a town and Village Development Committee in Dang Deokhuri District in the Rapti Zone of south-western Nepal, near to Salyan. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 11,981 persons living in 2033 individual households. It is notable as the home of Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the shortest man in the world.The Purandhara waterfall is situated in Purandhara Village Development committee 8, in the jungle area. This is a natural falls. The stream of kalapanikhola falls off from the height of 45 metres striking the rock that has made the falls. It is situated at the bank of Babai River. The falls enters into the enormous water mass of the Babai River itself. The place is quite attractive because of the dense forest, the run off of Babai River, chirping sounds of the birds mixing up with the sound of the falls. In early days the local people used to call this fall Purano Dhara, Old Water Fall which later on became Purnadhara. The name of the VDC is named after this waterfall. Nobody knows so far about the evolution of this waterfall. The waterfall is created by the water of Kalapani khola falling 45 meters at the bank of Babai River. There is small emerald green pond at the base of the water fall where it is believed that a serpent with pearl on the head comes out at mid-night. According to the local residents once some of the foreigner tourists had waited the whole night in order find out about the serpent with pearl but it didn’t come out that night.
The father of one of the residents of Purandhara, Mohan Lal Bharati, used to sit and carve the stone images near the water fall. Later on he himself became the Yogi and stayed in the hermitage nearby from 2039 t0 2045.
            There is a cave close to the water fall. In about 2040-45 BS an elderly saint from Halchaur, Salyan had penance for six months living only on fruits. But now some of the part of the cave has come off. There are other small caves near the water fall where various different statues like images can be seen. The caves are moist with the drops of water continuously trickling down.
            The waterfall has the possibility of changing into a significant tourist destination since the area is rich biodiversity, natural sightseeing, , short distance mini hill trekking. The place also can be developed as the research field for the study of crocodiles. The area can be developed in integrated way with Babai river crocodile watching, Devidanda women community forest with diverse flora and fauna, Sunkauli and Argale hills sightseeing.
            There is a place called Hataru Basa on the way to the water fall from Bagarpur Bazaar. According to the local people, the tradesmen, horse riders from Salyan used to stay here on their way to or from Nepalgunj.  
            The spot is important from religious point of view as well. Around a kilometer towards northeast there lies the origin of the waterfall, Kalapanikhola and by the stream lies a Shiva temple. Every year on the day of Shiva Ratri huge fair is held here. Pilgrims from Rolpa, Salyan, Bheri Zone and from India visit this place on this occasion.
Purandhara waterfall is even more attractive since it is surrounded by other attractive touristy panorama. The waterfall has the danger of eroding if not taken initiations for its protection. It is also quite necessary to improve 12 km long road for the easy access of the tourists. In order to develop the economic, socio-cultural life of the western part of Dang the infrastructure should be developed and the water fall must be conserved and promoted. 
            There used to be a wetland area about 20years ago where there is a Shiva temple now. The area was surrounded with dense forest. Later the forest slowly and gradually depleted. There were some small kutis to the west of the temple. When one of the females gave birth to a baby, the wetland began drying up. The lower part of the waterfall fell the same year in about 2047/48 according Purna Bahadur Bhandari, member of Touristy Waterfall Service Centre. There is a square faced self made altar in Purandhara. There are banana trees at the four corners of the altar. The number of the banana plans have neither increased nor decreased since 2037 according to local resident 65 years old Dhan bahadur Budhathoki.


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